Focused on the Future: Anna N’Jie Konte on AI, BeFi and Reframing the Money Discussion

Focused on the Future: Anna N’Jie Konte on AI, BeFi and Reframing the Money Discussion

In this episode of Focused on the Future, veteran industry leader Suzanne Siracuse talks with Anna N’Jie Konte, president of Re-Envision Wealth, on the importance of taking a human first approach with clients, how every advisor can incorporate AI into their practices and why she is reframing the way first generation wealth builders think about money.

Specifically, Anna discusses:

  • Speaking on a “human” level to clients, especially the next generation of investors.
  • How her background influenced her decision to focus on serving women of color.
  • Why clients’ money behaviors and experiences affect her overall planning recommendations.
  • How she uses AI tools to provide advanced planning, automate manual tasks and elevate her marketing efforts
  • Her advice for firms considering merging or selling their practice
  • How she uses the DISK assessment in managing and developing her team.
  • Why underrepresented groups are leaving our industry at a higher rate and how we can combat it.

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Anna N’Jie-Konte, MBA, CFP® is the President and Director of Financial Planning for Re-Envision Wealth. As President, Anna manages the firm’s financial planning, advisory, and operations strategies. She is a proud Puerto Rican, Gambian-American who is committed to building a firm where access to excellent, values-aligned financial advice is the norm, not the exception. Having spent her childhood watching the strong women around her live lives dictated by their bank balances, she’s on a mission to rewrite the money stories of women of color. 

 She is a 3x winner of Investopedia’s “Top 100 Influential Financial Advisors” and has been named “10 Young Advisors to Watch” by Financial Advisor Magazine. She serves as a CFP Board Brand Ambassador; an advisory board member to; and a board member of the FInserv Foundation.

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